Polish Banking Forum 2014

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On 12 March, the Polish Bank Association organised one of its biggest events – the Banking Forum 2014. The main topic of this year Forum was “Banks in the social market economy in the light of experience of the last crisis and the state of development of financial market”.

This annual conference of the banking sector in Poland was an excellent occasion to discuss the main challenges faced by the economic and financial sectors. The Forum has been attended by representatives of state authorities, banks managers and representatives of academic circles for many years already.

This year’s Forum was opened by the President of Polish Bank Association, Mr Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz who summed up 25 years of political transformation in Poland, and the evolution of the banking sector since 1987. He explained how the theme of this year’s edition has been designed: Poland is a social market economy in need for a more active role of the State in economic policy and greater public understanding of the role of banks in a market economy.
He was followed by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Mateusz Szczurek, who in his speech focused on the cooperation of the Government with the banking sector in Poland. He noted that the expectations of the Government towards banks are primarily focused on responsible management, which in the past 5 years, saved the economy and the banking sector from serious turmoil experienced in other countries.
Accordingly with the tradition of every Banking Forum, the President of Polish Bank Association presented current postulates of the banking sector to the Ministry of Finance.

The Forum also included three panel discussions. The first one entitled “The role of banks in the social market economy – desirable institutional and regulatory changes allowing for even better performance of their functions by banks in the economy” was introduced by Prof. Marek Belka, President of the National Bank of Poland. The second one was dedicated to discuss effective model of consumer protection in banking services. Finally, the third panel discussion was devoted to the organisational, economic, and reputational consequences for banks resulting from the development of technological innovations in the area of retail banking.

Special guests included Mrs. Iwona Wendel, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and Mr. Andrzej Jakubiak, Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission.
Last point of the Forum was the award ceremony of Prof. Remigiusz Kaszubski Prize for actions in support of innovative solutions in the field of electronic banking and the rights of new technologies. The prize was established by the Board of Polish Bank Association to commemorate the tragically deceased professor Remigiusz Kaszubski, creator of innovative solutions in the field of banking. This year the Prize was awarded to Mr. Adam Tochmański, Head of the Payment System of the National Bank of Poland for promoting the development and dissemination of cashless transactions in Poland and the launch in 2013 of the SORBNET 2.

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