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European banks recapitalized in 2014

The European Banking Federation has concluded from the results of the comprehensive assessment that the sector is very robust and capable of withstanding a severe recession. The assessment was a precondition towards the creation of a truly European banking landscape, with a single supervisor and a single set of rules for all banks. In recent [...]

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Economic Outlook: Recovery needs a boost

In its year-end economic outlook, EBF chief economists see a slower than expected economic recovery in the euro area. They have lowered their growth outlook for this year to 0.8 percent, down from the estimate of 1.1 percent that they presented in June. The EBF has lowered its 2015 growth projection for the euro area [...]

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European Money Week 2015

The first ever European Money Week will be held on 9-13 March 2015. The week consists of a series of events both at national and European levels, with the aim of raising public awareness on financial literacy and improving financial education for students from elementary and secondary schools. Coordinated by the EBF Financial Education Project [...]

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Payment Service Directive: Towards more clarity?

Background: The European Commission issued a proposal for a revised Payment Services Directive in July 2013. The European Parliament voted its suggested amendments to the proposal in April 2014, and on 5 December 2014, member states reached an agreement on the proposal for a revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The EBF view: From the beginning [...]

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Retail Banking Starts with Consumer Needs

The European banking market has witnessed unprecedented turmoil in recent years and is facing one of the biggest periods of change in decades. In this context, restoring customer confidence and placing consumer needs at the centre of financial services has become one of the main priorities of banks. Retail banking, because of its direct link [...]

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