Good numbers for first European Money Week



This special week, dedicated to financial education and the promotion of financial literacy of children in Europe has been a great success.

A wide range of events both at national and European levels have been organised with the aim of raising public awareness on financial literacy and improving financial education for students from elementary and secondary schools. In most participating countries, bankers have been visiting classrooms, national banking associations and their partners launched publications, websites, apps, teaching materials but also organised conferences, seminars, and dozens of other activities.


As financial education is a central theme in the current complex financial market, the EBF is convinced that financial education initiatives will increase consumer knowledge and confidence in cross border transactions, thus supporting the completion of the EU Single Market. In turn, improving consumers’ understanding of matters such as budgeting, product characteristics, terms and risks remains a contributing factor in increasing consumer confidence in financial markets.

Moreover, in the financial reform agenda after the crisis, the Commission has taken several measures to regulate the market for basic financial products that aim to improve transparency and supervision. In all these regulatory measures, financial education plays an important role, because financial capability is an essential factor in restoring and maintaining the trust in the European financial system and in responsible use of financial products and services.

At the EBF, we would like to build on the enthusiasm shared during European Money Week. The positive energy and passion for financial education that we see reflected in the project has strengthened our commitment to establishing this special week as a regular, annual fixture on the European calendar.

Stay tuned for the 2016 edition!


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