EBF opens its office in Frankfurt


On 1 July the realisation of an important component of EBF’s ambitions to engage closely with the ECB over the Single Supervisory Mechanism as it is being rolled out and implemented had progressed to the point of opening the EBF office in Frankfurt.

Situated within walking distance of the ECB’s old Euro Tower and the SSM’s temporary home of the Japan Tower, the EBF’s office boasts two meeting rooms that can take up to 30-35 people in the large meeting room, and 10-12 people in the other smaller one. In addition to the meeting rooms, the EBF office also offers some ‘hot-desking’ places for members or bank representatives to pop in in between or around meetings with ECB or others. Four EBF member organisations (the French, German, Irish and lately the Italians) have decided to avail of their own dedicated space inside the EBF hub and support the stronger banking association presence in Frankfurt.

All EBF members can avail of the EBF facilities, and are invited to make their plans known in advance to the EBF secretariat in Brussels to ensure availability and reservation of meeting room(s) and support staff.

The first meetings have already taken place, most notably between an EBF delegation and the ECB on the intricacies of the interest rate risk in the banking book (see picture). The EBF expects the Frankfurt office to be in increasing demand and fully operational, incl. a (part-time) local member of staff, Ms Sarah Schmidtke, after the summer 2015 recess.


EBF contact: G.gasos@ebf-fbe.eu


For availability and bookings of one of the meeting rooms, please contact Amandine Jansen (a.jansen@ebf-fbe.eu or +32 2 508 37 45) at the EBF offices in Brussels.