EU call for evidence: good move toward a smarter legislation

  Over the past few years, legislation within the EU financial services sector has multiplied as a result of the financial crisis. Regulation has a key role in upholding the stability of the European economy, reinforcing the internal market as well as protecting investors and consumers. At the same time, the increasing amount of legislative [...]

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SSM celebrates first anniversary

  On 4 November 2015 the Single Supervisory Mechanism completed its first year of supervisory responsibility over the Euro Area’s banking system. A total number of 122 credit institutions are directly supervised by the ECB, 94 of which are represented by the EBF. Each institution has a dedicated Joint Supervisory Team (JST) made of ECB [...]

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Banks adopt constructive approach towards CMU

On 30 September 2015, the Commission adopted an action plan setting out 20 key measures to achieve a true single market for capital in Europe. As part of the Juncker Commission’s key priority of boosting jobs, growth and investment across the EU, the Capital Markets Union (CMU) aims to tackle investment shortages head-on by increasing [...]

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Basel III completed: time to calibrate the policy toolbox

Following the financial crisis the Basel Committee launched a comprehensive overhaul of the prudential standards known as Basel III. It was approved by the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS) in December 2010. Five years on, the European banking system has completed the ambitious recapitalisation target enshrined in Basel III. European banks have [...]

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Digital transformation at core of EBF strategy

On 6 May 2015, the European Commission’s published the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy and surprisingly the banking sector has not been mentioned as such. Creating a DSM that responds to the reality of the banking market is one of the priorities of the European Banking Federation, which is actively committed to the future of [...]

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