10 tips for a successful Capital Markets Union

The Capital Markets Union (CMU) launched in February 2015 aims to create deeper and more integrated capital markets in the 28 Member States of the EU. With this key initiative, the Commission is looking at ensuring greater diversification in financing sources, reducing fragmentation and dismantling barriers in financial markets, strengthening cross border capital flows and [...]

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Lord Hill to speak at EBF Annual Conference

The theme of culture change and improving conduct has moved centre-stage in the financial services sector. How can banks handle these challenges, at a time that they also face a new pivotal role under the Capital Markets Union while digitisation is rapidly changing the landscape in the industry? Under the title ‘A Brave New World [...]

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Luxembourg EU Presidency sets eyes on digital

On 1 July, Luxembourg took over the rotating chair of the Presidency of the EU Council for the twelfth time. It follows on the footsteps of the Latvian Presidency, which made significant progress on a number of key financial services dossiers, including reaching an agreement among Member States on the way forward for restructuring the [...]

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José María Roldán appointed EBF Vice-President

Mr. José María Roldán Alegre, Chairman and CEO of the Spanish Banking Association AEB, has been appointed as Vice President of the European Banking Federation. His appointment was agreed in Riga, Latvia, at the 120th Board meeting of the EBF.   Mr. Roldán has led the AEB since April 2014. He was Director General of [...]

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